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Moby Dick - Herman Melville

English literature is always quite alluring. There have been several great books written in the past, each having their own uniqueness which has made them prized pieces of literature. Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick is among those Great American Novels that has received a lot of acclaim and popularity. The book is considered to be a treasure trove by all the literature enthusiasts. This classic American novel which was published in the 19th century remains to be a favourite till date so much so that the story of moby dick is an inspiration for many movies and even games.

When it comes to the Moby Dick Video game, the fact is that the game only takes the inspiration in the form of the name but is not really a true impersonation of this literature classic. While the name of the game might ring a bell in your mind, you will be quite surprised that unlike the novel; the game has a lot of fun factor.

The novel Moby Dick is a literati genius that has complex language and requires deep understanding. On the other hand, this game is a water-based flash game which offers you great fun and excitement as you control a hungry, destructive whale so that you get to feed it with all that you can imagine.

The game has a whale by the name Moby Dick which is projected to be extremely dangerous and destructive. The camera position of the game displays a cross section of the sea offering the player an opportunity to track Moby’s movements under the sea. It is quite easy to control the game as the whale is easy to control. However, the game does require some getting used to so that you start enjoying the action even more.

The game is not all about feeding the hungry whale. There are other aspects too like maintaining the health of the whale, keeping safe from human danger, etc. that makes the game even more interesting. The game is very addictive and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. As you move ahead in the game, it becomes quite challenging keeping you on your toes!

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